Bitness presents Space Race, a fitness installation designed for ImagineRIT.


What is Space Race?

Space Race is an installation designed for ImagineRIT, an innovation and creativity festival. It takes the core experience of Bitness and builds a family-friendly group exercise experience that all ages can enjoy. Compete with and against other participants in a friendly race to outer space!

Why Space Race?

Space Race at Imagine RIT provides us with the unique opportunity to show how fun and easy it can be to improve the daily lives of our friends and family through exercise. Together we can achieve this by creating a strong health conscious community that is inspired and motivated to live a healthy life through fun and interaction.

How Does it Work?

  • Bitness Wearables

    Our custom made Bitness Wearables allow us to sync our players into our application, and get them ready to have some fun.

  • Kinect 2.0

    With the new and improved Kinect 2.0 we are using it to show live video of our players, track their position, and count their jumping jacks.

  • Friendly Competition

    With some friendly competition next to you, you'll be even more motivated to work harder, push yourself further, and achieve your personal and team's goals.